About Paloma Textiles


I started Paloma Textiles as a yarn source for fiber artists who want to know the story behind the products they buy. Over many years as a weaver I grew to realize that the materials I was using had a harmful impact on people, animals, and plants, since the textile industry causes more environmental damage than any other on Earth.
When I began searching for products that are grown and processed sustainably and humanely, and made with fair labor standards, I found few candidates. I have included the best of what I have found here, along with information about the yarns.
Each time we buy something, we’re voting with our money on what sort of world we want to create. Our shopping practices have as much power to cause change as do our political activities. Shopping is political, and my goal is to make shopping easier for fiber artists who want to change the world one small step at a time.


Ruth Henriquez Lyon 

Duluth, Minnesota