About Our Sari Silk Yarn

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Nepalese Grade A Sari Silk, magenta/cool tones. 
The skeins are 100 grams.
Wraps per inch: 18 - 20; needle size 7 - 9.
Estimated yards per pound: 1037 - 1100.
Estimated yards per 100 gram skein: 228 - 240.





Indian sari silk.
Skein weights very slightly, please see ordering chart for ordering weights.
Needle size:  4 - 6.
The solid colors are about 300 yards per pound, or about 333 yards per 500 grams.
The Indian ribbon yarn is about 225 yards per pound, or about 250 yards per 500 grams. The magenta/red is a bit over-twisted, and thus stiffer than some of the other yarns--good for items such as bags, mats, rugs.





Nepalese Sari Silk Yarn, grade B:  This yarn has been carefully hand bathed with a fabric softener then allowed to sun dry, creating a soft, silky and almost fluffy yarn that is slightly under spun, perfect for people who like to work with a bulkier silk yarn. The washing process also tends to make the colors blend into one another a little more seamlessly.







Nepalese Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn:  This yarn is hand-spun with twisted bits of silk fabric remnants from sari silk mills.  It is not a soft yarn, but it's good for heavier fabrics such as bags, mats, rugs, or hard-wearing garments like vests. Currently unavailable.