Creativity Center


Textile Pages

In these pages you'll find an ongoing record of projects and experiments I've worked on using the yarns sold on the Paloma site.  There are no project "recipes," but rather notes, observations, and photographs.  As a weaver I was taught to experiment constantly, and although I don't have time to do it as much as I would like, I still see it as an important part of learning about fibers.  I would love to publish other people's work here as well--whether it's the product of a recipe or of just playing around with yarn, so if you would like to share your project, please email me. I hope to hear from you!


Please visit the gallery to view finished work by fiber artists.  And if you are an artist or artist/craftsperson, and either work with sustainable materials or explore themes about conservation through your work, I would love to display photos of your work.


The Creative Process

The creative process should be taught in all of our schools--along with reading, writing, arithmetic, and good manners--but it usually isn't.  The ability to mine the riches of our own minds is one of our most valuable gifts.  Moreover, because we heal ourselves by imagination as much as by the application of reason, creativity and healing are intertwined subjects.  These pages are a work in progress, so check back often.  

If you have any comments on what you read here, please email me.