Dyeing and Other Surface Media Notes

Dyeing Animal Fibers with Wilton Cake Icing Dye.

Michele Rook, a site visitor and knitting teacher from Georgia recently sent me some photos of some of her yarn which she dyed with Wilton cake icing colors.  I'm posting them here, along with some basic directions for how to use these colors for dyeing fiber.Gurdy Worsted weight wool

Wilton cake icing dyes come in 28 hues and are non-toxic.  (The Wilton website has sample pictures of all colors:  http://www.wilton.com/) In contrast to the Kool-aid colors, which often mix to form muddy hues,  the Wilton colors blend well together.  Unfortunately, they only work on animal fibers, including silk.  Plus, in my experience, silk takes up the dye less readily than other animal fibers, thus requiring the use of more dye per pot than a fiber like wool or camel.

One question yet to be answered is how the colors age, particularly those exposed to light and a great deal o