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Camel and Yak Yarn from the Snow Leopard Trust

Effective October 2012, we'll be closed each weekend from Friday at 6 p.m. until Monday at 9 a.m.  We will respond on Mondays to emails and orders sent in over the weekend.  Thank you!

Our yak and camel yarns are hand-spun by women in Mongolia, using the fiber from their Bactrian camels and domestic yaks.  The yarns have slight irregularities in diameter, which sets them apart from factory-produced yarn.   Skeins vary slightly in weight, between 5 and 6 ounces and 150 - 200 yards for the camel yarn, and between 4 and 5 ounces and 125 - 200 yards for the yak.

The yak yarn is not spun exclusively from the down undercoat; thus it is not cashmere-soft.  I would not recommend it for scarves, but rather for hats, mittens, bags, and throws.   

We recommend size 6 knitting needles (gauge of 15 stitches/4 inches), and for crochet, an F hook.The yak yarn is of a very slightly smaller gauge than the camel, so for a tighter stitch you could go down to a size 5 needle or E hook.  As with most natural animal fibers, we suggest hand-washing in cold water and drying flat.  The colors do run a little with the first couple of washings, so if combining colors in a project it is best to wash the skeins separately before knitting them up.

Photo by Helen Freeman. Courtesy of Snow Leopard Trust.The colored camel skeins are hand-dyed, so we do not carry dye lots.  There may be very slight variations in hue from one group of skeins to the next.  When knitting or weaving with skeins that don't exactly match, you can alternate them at intervals to prevent having large blocks of a slightly different hue. 

The dyers use natural dyes which are sent to them from the Snow Leopard headquarters:  Cutch powered extract, Cochineal Bugs, Natural Indigo Powder, Osage Orange liquid extract, and Cream of Tartar. 

To read about the women who make this yarn, and the Snow Leopard Trust which helps them market it, please see our About Camel Yarn page.

Camel Yarn

Camel Yarn Midnight Blue

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Camel Yarn Cedar

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Camel Yarn Gobi Sunset

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Camel Yarn Burgundy

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Camel Yarn Black

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Handspun Yak Wool Yarn

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Camel Yarn Cream

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Camel Yarn Sand

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Sample Cards

Handspun Camel sample card

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