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Effective October 2012, we'll be closed each weekend from Friday at 6 p.m. until Monday at 9 a.m.  We will respond on Mondays to emails and orders sent in over the weekend.  Thank you!

Silver Needles Electric Cone Yarn Winders.

We are pleased to offer these electric cone winders on a drop-ship basis.  That means that we don't keep them in stock; we will take orders and the product will be shipped to you from its manufacturing point.

Instructions for ordering:  Please place your order below.  When I receive your order, I will submit it to the manufacturer.  He will give me a price for the products you order and the shipping amount.  Then I will bill you via PayPal for the total amount.  (You do not have to be a registered PayPal user to pay via PayPal.) If you have questions, please email me:

See the cone winder in action onYouTube.

Model SN -100.  This model holds standard paper and plastic cones; it can wind almost a pound at a time, and is set up for use with lighter yarns like cotton, silk, and worsted wools. It comes with two cardboard cones.   Price: $273.00

Model SN-200.  This model holds plastic cones only; it can wind on a little over a pound, and winds on a bit more evenly than the SN-100, plus it can handle bulkier yarns. It comes with 2 plastic cones.  Price: $283.00

Extra plastic cones.  75 cents each, or 12 for $7.50. Please specify (using the "comments" box on your order page) which model you need cones for:  the SN-100 uses cones with a 3" base; the SN-200 uses cones with a 2" base. 

Cones are half-price with purchase of a yarn-winder.


Shipping.  These products ship out from their place of manufacture (Wisconsin).  Shipping cost is about $15.20 for either model; I will bill for shipping along with the cost of the cone winder.  Shipping with more cones than the two included cones will bump the shipping cost into the next tier, which is about  $17.50 for up to 12 cones.


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One dozen plastic cones

cone   $7.50
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Individual Plastic Cones

cone   $0.75
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Model SN-200 Electric Cone Winder

cone   $289.00
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Model SN -100 Electric Cone Winder

cone   $279.00
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