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Nepalese Nettle Yarn and Fiber

Our nettle yarn is handspun from wild nettle plants that grow in the mountains of Nepal. No chemicals or pesticides are used in its production.  It has a texture similar to natural linen and like linen or hemp will soften with washing and wear. Nettle is a natural moth repellent.

Both the yarn and the nettle fiber come from the hands of women who work in cooperatives in Nepal.  Working in conditions free from harsh chemicals and dyes, they have access to child care and medical treatment, and take part in profit sharing. 

Please Note:  We have sold out of the nettle fiber.  I will not be ordering again until spring.

Items for Sale

Nettle yarn, one 200-gram skein

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Nettle Yarn, three 200-gram skeins

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Nettle Yarn, 1 kilo (five 200-gram skeins)

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Nettle Yarn, 95 gram ball

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