About the Creative Process

Creativity:  speaking in your unique voice.

"Map."  paint, burlap, thread, machine and hand embroidery. R. Henriquez.Each of us has a unique genetic code, a distinct fingerprint, and a completely individual way of expressing ourselves.  When we think, speak, or make something creatively, we're doing it in a way that reflects our individuality.  We're shaped by our genetics, our life experiences, and--for those readers who are not scientific reductionists--the particular nuances of our souls.  For this reason, we all vary in how we make sense of the world.  Not even identical twins are identical!

Sadly, we often override what is unique to our own natures when trying to express ourselves or create something that truly reflects our experience.  This has a lot to do with the fact that we're social beings. At about the age of eight, children become very concerned that their art projects don't look "real."  Wanting to reflect "consensus reality" becomes a rite of passage into the social world, where non-conformity can have dire conse